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Call: +27 (15) 880 2014

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Security Services
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Security Services

Providing a Range of
Security Services

Makhaba Security Services specializes in physical security and electronic security services. These services are provided to a range of clients from Private, Corporate, and Government clients.

We design and implement security measures required by the clients, and we also provide a risk analysis. Our technical teams have over 5 years combined technical experience and our teams can design and implement successful electronic security systems.

We have operated for over 5 years in the security sector providing an effective and professional service.

What We Offer

General Guarding

Surveillance Management

Special Investigation

Access Control & Alarms

About Us & Why We are
The Best For the Job

Makhaba Security Services is proud of the caliber of its management team, made up of security industry experts, project managers, accountants and marketing executives. We strive to cultivate a prosperous working environment in terms of skills development, motivation and loyalty; and we are driven by performance measurement.

Our Mission

  • The Makhaba Security Services, shall deliver effective and efficient service towards the development and management of the environmental, social and proudly South African resources through an interactive-consultative relationship-based approach with our clients
  • Service is based on our believe “value of a team is greater than the sum of the individual team members” and our strength is therefore in our unity within cultural, technical and personal diversity
  • The attainable through the principle of integrity, transparency, commitment, communication and trust relationship development, and excellence with all deliverables aligned to the accredited standards, this is confirmed and declared in our company slogan“Vigilant and Protecting what’s important to You “

Our Vision

  • To help in creating anti-crime South Africa and a crime free country through our security structures, centers and well trained, motivated security personnel
  • Makhaba Security Services, we aim is to serve people of South Africa, and/or Our Clients through effective Proudly South African products and resources, environmental and social-economic development management


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